Ordinance Codification and Publishing Services
For City and County Governments

The combined experience of an editorial staff with more than 60 years in the codification and legal industry makes Quality Code your best choice for a codification partner. We follow rigorous and time-tested editorial procedures to keep your code up-to-date and accurate.


We can deliver whatever you need, be it a new code, recodification, the republication of your existing code, web publication, or just taking over supplement service. If you're unsure of which option is right for you, we can help you find the best, most cost-effective solution.

New Codes: If you don’t have an existing code, our experienced legal and codification staff will create one at an affordable price. This will remove the burden from your staff and will enable free, reliable access to your code of ordinances.

Recodification: If you have an existing code, but aren't satisfied with its organizational structure or numbering system, we'll update and organize your content by subject matter, incorporating all amendments, repeals, and new enactments; assign an expandable numbering system to the code to accommodate future amendments and revisions; generate history notes for each section; create a chronological table of your ordinances, including a brief description of each ordinance and its location in the code; edit the text in a consistent style; and create an alphabetical subject index for easy research.

Republications: Even the most well-maintained code occasionally needs a complete reprint. Refresh your existing code with a contemporary customized page style, and eliminate hyphenated, blank and partial pages. We can republish your code as a stand-alone service, or incorporate a supplement for you at the same time.

Printed Code Supplements: We'll provide regular supplement service according to a schedule you prefer: annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or on-demand.


Take advantage of our expertise by consulting with us, at no charge, about anything: from how to write an effective ordinance to how to organize and format a zoning title for your code.

We urge you to consult with us whenever you are...

  • having difficulty with the terminology of codification.
  • questioning the accuracy of some of your code’s legislative history.
  • wondering what numbers to assign new provisions.
  • thinking about creating or completely amending a major title in your code.
  • debating the pros and cons of republishing or recodifying your code.
  • considering the need for a legal review.
  • needing an explanation concerning any aspect of the codification process.


Our legal staff can conduct a thorough, systematic analysis to identify outdated, conflicting or redundant provisions, terms, fees and penalties, and report on actual or potential conflicts with state statutes or federal case law.


We can provide copies of your code and supplements directly to outside subscribers, often at no charge to the city or county.


We retain older versions of your code for research purposes, as well as copies of all published supplements. These are available upon request, at no additional charge.


There is a vast difference in the quality, speed, accuracy and usability of online codes. Some of our competitors treat the online code as an afterthought and do little to make it user-friendly; or, at the other extreme, they add features that appear impressive but create a confusing user environment. At Quality Code, our top priority is for your code to be up-to-date, fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Cloud Hosting, on AWS: Our publications are hosted on Amazon Web Services, an industry leader, so you'll benefit from data centers and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. All our online codes are securely maintained off-site, backed-up redundantly, and reliably available 24/7. In fact, we've enjoyed over 99.999 percent uptime for more than a decade.

Searching: Our search results are displayed by code section on the left-hand side of the screen, allowing quick and easy navigation.

Viewing and Printing: We're the only codifier that enables viewing by either chapter or section with a single click, making it simple to print just what you need.

Mobile View: Our mobile view offers a seamless experience across all platforms, resulting in content that's accessible, easy to read, and simple to search whether viewed on a desktop or mobile device.

CodeAlert: When a section of the code has been amended, added, or repealed, an "alert" is displayed at the beginning of the title, chapter, and section. A link refers the user to both the actual ordinance as well as a chronological list of recent ordinances. It's an affordable and effective way to keep your citizens informed of the latest legislation.

Microsoft Word Files: Web-publishing clients receive a complete copy of the code in Microsoft Word format. These files retain maximum formatting, thereby minimizing the work required by your staff. Graphics are print-quality and tables can be easily edited. Other codifiers strip the formatting from their Word files — and may even require that you request the files — mainly to make it more difficult and expensive for you to change codifiers. Utilizing MS-Word's "outline view," you can select multiple chapters and sections in one quick step and copy them all directly into your ordinance. There's no need to open a Web browser at all! Constructing even a very extensive ordinance can literally be done in moments, with formatting intact.


If requested, we'll update your online code as ordinances are adopted or become effective, at no extra charge.


We believe that "less is more" when it comes to your online code. We're determined to keep our publications reliable, secure, and easy to use. Of course, we're always happy to discuss potential new features and customization.

Here are some questions to consider before committing to a new feature or service:

  • Will the code be easier or more difficult for your citizens to use?
  • Will it reduce or increase the number of calls into your office?
  • What is required to maintain the functionality?
  • Has it been time proven?
  • Will it "lock you in" to your codifier, making it difficult or expensive to change vendors?

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.